This Journal Reminds Me of a Splendid Puzzle

Professor Hershel Layton
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13 year olds, 9 year olds, archaeology, avoiding rapey, being a clever mofo, being a dickhead, being a gentleman jk, being a jew, being a pedo, being a pervert, being a shit protagonist, being a smartass, being a terrible dad, being a troll, being classy, being crappily animated, being english, being extremely derpy, being patronizing, being smarter than everyone, buying luke shorts, chelmey not suspecting, cherubs, childcatching, claire foley, dears, descole, dots, double beds, everyone thinking im perfect, fapping in art galleries, fat little boys, finding out descoles identity, future luke, glasses, grabbing landos ass, grapes, having an 'apprentice', i am awesome, impressionable young boys, jew gold, jewfros, killing witnesses, lando ascad, laytonmobile, life drawing, lolita, london, long and hard puzzles, luke solving my puzzle, luke triton, luke wearing dresses, making lives miserable, making people cry, mankinis, mindfucking luke, mistaking clive for luke, molesting clive dove, molesting luke, monkey ball, moobs, my dead ex claire, my ex lando, myself, not baseball, not being caught, not being rejected, passion cookies, pedobear, pedophilia, people loving me, potatoes, professor layton, pudding, puzzle boys magazine, puzzle meant for me, rape dungeons, redheads, rocks, sculpting, shotacon, small children, solving puzzles, someone touching my tralala, spare tophat, suspenders for easy reach, swordfighting, tea, teacups, teapots, throwing lando off cliffs, tin tin biscuits, top hats are sexy, tophats, touching luke, tra la la, treating everyone like retards, trolling don paolo, who's flora, withholding important information